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    This is the incredible solar SmartFlower. The SmartFlower is a fully integrated, all-in-one solar system that can live anywhere. All it takes is a quick setup by one of our installers and you’ll be producing clean energy for your home or business. And if you ever have to move it, SmartFlower can be easily packed up and moved to a new site.

    About SmartFlower

    Featured Case Study

    Carnaval Funfair Land, Global Village, Dubai UAE

    ESF were honoured to be asked to design and supply eye catching themed ‘circus big top’ litter bins and trash cans for the new Carnaval Funfair Land in the Global Village  multicultural festival-park in Dubai.

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    Featured Case Study

    Bins and Trash Cans

    Bins, trash cans or recycling receptacles – whatever you call them, we have a huge range of them for every situation and use, from internal, to parks, cities or countryside, check out just some of the options here…

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    Featured Case Study

    Street Charge installation in borough of Prague 6

    ESF’s local partner in Czech Republic, HAGS Praha, recently installed two Street Charge stations into the borough of Prague 6, one near Hradčanská metro station, the other at Homestead Ladronka.
    Both units make it possible to charge all kinds of mobile devices 24 hours a day, with the ability to connect to local Wi-Fi that Prague 6 borough has incorporated into the local areas, to develop the capabilities of their public spaces

    Featured Case Study

    The Innovation Factory, Belfast

    ESF worked with Heron Bros to supply the street furniture to the Invest NI’s Forth River project, this included Secure Cycle compounds, Smoking shelter, Radium seats and Radium litter bins, Vera benches and Stainless steel bollards Forth River Business Park, developed on the Old Mackie’s site and to be named The Innovation Factory, creating many acres of business space on the Springfield Road Belfast.  It will be a dynamic, flexible and an entrepreneurial hub for start-up businesses and expanding firms specialising in innovation, research and development and many other creative solutions

What we do

Environmental Street Furniture (ESF) are a global designer and supplier of street furniture and site furnishing products.

Offering an incredible range of products, coupled with the ability to customised materials, colours, and designs to our clients’ specification sets ESF aside from the competition.

This is complemented by incredible service, reliability and support throughout.

From Benches to Bins, Seating to Shelters, Post to Planters, Solar Products to Sign Posts. We have an incredible variety of both traditional and contemporary stylings to suit every need and location.

ESF operates in 3 distinct product areas, which while they differ in many aspects, they also allow for overlaps and introduction of new innovation into each sector.

  • Beautiful street furniture – with full options to customise to suit your requirements
  • Solar powered outdoor furniture – offering LED lighting, phone charging and WiFi
  • Themed furniture – utilising branding, IP and sponsors to achieve a truly immersive experience for theme parks and attractions globally.

ESF Catalogue

"The ESF team delivered on the brief, providing a seamless integration of these elements into their surroundings in the park. ESF has certainly helped to ensure that the experience within each zone is as fully-immersive as possible."

Neil Dwyer,
Director of Operations at IMG Worlds of Adventure


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Latest news


Our Year in Review

As we enter the New Year, we do so with renewed motivation, wishing for success in all that we do. For the team at ESF, this is no exception, however it would be wrong of me not to reflect on our fantastic journey through 2018 first.


The Future of Smart Cities

Most of us are living in an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) generation, where devices on closed private internet connections communicate with others, creating a world that is so much more connected than ever before. In fact, in the UK alone in 2018, 90% of adults were recent internet users, up 1% from 89% in 2017 (ONS, 2018). The digital phenomenon is becoming more prevalent for all of us, especially the younger generation, but how is this going to impact us going forward? Are we going to see a further increase in digital activity or is the phenomena going to stabilise, possibly decrease?


Small Business Saturday

ESF Managing Director, Alan Lowry recently sat down with Baroness Fairhead for Small Business Saturday along with the FSB. Throughout the interview Alan discussed the many benefits of exporting and the organisations that have helped ESF with their exporting journey.

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