Environmental Street Furniture (ESF) are a global designer and supplier of street furniture and site furnishing products. Offering a comprehensive product range, coupled with the ability to offer bespoke customised products, sets ESF aside from the competition.

ESF operates in 3 distinct product areas, which while they differ in many aspects, they also allow for overlaps and introduction of new innovation into each sector.

  • Generic street furniture with the ability to customise
  • Solar powered outdoor furniture offering LED lighting, mobile / cell phone charging and WiFi
  • Themed furniture utilising brands, IP and sponsors to achieve a truly immersive creative experience for theme parks and attractions globally.


To provide the global construction industry with a genuinely independent, accountable and innovative range of external furnishing products from a local supplier.

Our Team

Alan Lowry

Alan Lowry
Managing Director

Karen Lowry

Karen Lowry
Business Development Manager

Cathy Herron

Cathy Herron
Sales Coordinator

Joe Booth

Joe Booth
EMEA Business Development Manager

Mike Mynard

Mike Mynard
Business Development

Nicola Stewart

Perry McClenaghan


These are the basis of what we do and how we do it. Taken together, they identify ESF as a unique company. These are the values that govern our business conduct:

  • The creation of a working environment that demands commitment above the standards in our industry, while offering the opportunity to release personal potential and reward success and performance.
  • Long term sustainable growth through customer focus and fulfilling their needs.
  • To treat suppliers, colleagues and customers with respect and integrity and have a genuine interest in solving customer problems.
  • Leadership in independence, innovation and encouraging creativity.
  • To supply quality exterior products that fulfil needs and provide lasting value.
  • To deal fairly with suppliers and competitors, and have a genuine interest in solving customer problems.
  • To set aggressive goals and drive ourselves hard to achieve them without compromising ethics or integrity in the pursuit of profit.
  • To strive to make this world a better place to live. To be an intellectual, social and economic asset in the communities in which we live and operate.

ESF is passionate in its determination to achieve excellence in all that we do.