Have You a Job You Love?

The wise Philosopher, Confucius once said,

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.


As a young boy growing up in Belfast, I never had the opportunity to travel overseas; the USA in particular was for the wealthy back in the 70’s and 80’s but when my wife and I got married, we decided to spread our wings and take flight.


Our journey brought us to the theme parks of Orlando, somewhere that would have seemed like a pipe dream away to my younger self. Even back then, I knew that if I ever had the opportunity to work in the experience attraction industry, I would always be passionate about my job. Luckily for me, my wife loved theme parks as much as I did. From that initial visit to the subsequent visits with our daughters, I was immersed in the experience every time I got to be near one – it was truly a dream come true.


Fast forward some years later and I get to experience theme parks regularly as part of my role with ESF, as we provide a range of themed and street furniture to many of the leaders in the theme park and experience attraction industry globally. It hasn’t been a smooth ride though. Many hours have been spent networking, travelling around the world, sending emails and making endless phone calls only for the phone to ring off. At times, the simpler option may have been to sacrifice my passion for an ‘easier’ job.


All it takes however, is being in the right place at the right time and for ESF, that place just so happened to be the theme park capital of the world and the place where I had my first ever theme park experience!


At the prestigious IAAPA Expo in Florida, a highly connected contact from one of the experience attraction industry’s most reputable companies came along to our trade stand to check out our products. We talked extensively and I stated we would love the opportunity to present our portfolio of products to their company.  They accepted my offer and as a result, ESF won a substantial contract to provide themed and IP branded benches and litter bins for the global company in the UAE, then to the USA and more recently to Hong Kong.


The exchanges at IAAPA reinforces my motto which is ‘Never Give Up’, especially if it is something you are extremely passionate about. As that young boy, if someone had told me I would one day be doing a job I love, supplying our very own bespoke, custom made products to the world’s biggest and best theme parks and experience attractions, I would never have believed that my passion would one day become my career.

And anyway, who said travelling to some of the hottest and most beautiful countries in the world was work?!



To find out more about ESF’s range of themed or street furniture, visit our website at www.worldofesf.com or alternatively, call us on 0845 606 6095.

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