Global Partners – Menashe-Baruch & Co Ltd

Our new Global Partner, Menashe-Baruch & Co Ltd were very proud to present our ESF Stellar Solar Bench, Street Tidy Bin & Street Buddy Bins at the Construct & Design Exhibition on the 5th & 6th of February, at Tel Aviv in Israel. We are very excited to launch our Stellar Bench into this new market and we look forward to future successes with our new partner. You can see our Global Partners here.



The Stellar Bench is a versatile outdoor bench that offers USB mobile device charging and utilises solar energy without the need for any electricity. The simple design of the bench allows solar energy to be collected and used to power LED concealed lighting on the bench and can also be utilised for WIFI and other reporting.



The Street Tidy is a solar powered outdoor stainless steel sectional litter bin/ trashcan. Integrating solar energy and smart sensors allows the infrared sensors to detect movement and illuminate the aperture lights when someone approaches in the hours of darkness.


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