Fast Food Outlets are Now Being Held Accountable for Litter

Councils in England now have new powers to allow them to enforce stricter rules for new hot food outlets when considering their planning applications.

Fast Food Outlets are Now Being Held Accountable for Litter - Environmental Street Furniture

As we continue through recycle week, ESF would like to make all customers aware of new legislation that has been introduced throughout the UK regarding the recycling of food outlet waste.

The new guidance is aimed at making sure that more litter and recycling bins are installed to help reduce the amount of rubbish in the surrounding areas.

The new guidance has been introduced to make sure that food outlets play their part in cleaning up high street. The fourth most common type of litter found on UK high streets is from food outlets. Councils now had clear advice on what rules can be enforced and used when new food outlets open – anti-litter signage and ensuring enough litter/recycling bins are installed.

The BriteBin

The ESF BriteBin is a Solar Powered Compacting Bin that can hold up to 10x the amount of waste as a normal waste collection bin. The Bin is 100% solar powered with no need to connect to an external power source. The ESF BriteBin, when full will send a text/email to dashboard when the bin is full. This product can also be branded to specification to make sure it fits to create a fully immersive environment and reduce carbon footprint.

Having a good litter strategy helps to ensure that there are enough bins and recycling bins are easily accessible and easy to find. Bins should be in areas where most needed and emptied regularly to ensure nothing overflows onto the street.

For food outlets, it makes sense to install litter and recycling bins outside the business to actively encourage people to use them. The bins need to have the correct size apertures and separate recycling compartments as necessary. This also presents the opportunity for council branding and logos.

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