ESF Visit Longstanding Suppliers MMCITE

Sales Director Karen Lowry and Sales Associate Cathy Herron visited Zlin, Brno and Bilovice in the Czech republic

ESF Visit Longstanding Suppliers MMCITE - Environmental Street Furniture

Environmental Street Furniture staff have been working in partnership alongside mmcite for more than 16 years and this year ESF were invited for a behind-the-scenes trip to meet with like-minded representatives from other parts of the world.

mmcite is a globally acclaimed street furniture company who feel it is important for street furniture to be not just functional, but beautiful too. A view that is shared here at ESF.

Karen and Cathy visited for a total of three days across multiple locations in the country.

The mmcite team took ESF staff to visit a number of parks where the mmcite street furniture has been installed, these case studies allow our staff to be able to understand the different applications and products used at each site.

The team were then taken to a case study project in Brno that showcased the longest bench the company had ever created (120m) this project was designed in partnership with landscape architect, Janica Sipul. A great project to be able to get an insight into the background, and the finish looks incredible.

After visiting Zlin for more case study projects, the ESF team were then taken to Bilovice to see the mmcite offices, factory and showroom.

Cathy and Karen alongside other international representatives of mmcite were provided with sales training that allowed them to gain more information on the types of materials used, packing and shipping processes, product manufacturing of the new street furniture ranges.

Our new favourite is the Morse combined seating (above)

Alongside the training the hosts at mmcite also took our staff to visit the Bata Heritage Centre, highlighting the history and culture of Zlin and the Bata shoes company.

BATA shoe museum / Museo del Calzado, Zlín, Czech Republic / República ...

We would like to thank mmcite for their amazing hospitality and hands-on insight into the full range of products offered and the processes behind this.

ESF Visit Suppliers mmcite in the Czech Republic - YouTube

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