The Importance of Servicing and Maintaining Bollards, Barriers and Road Blockers

A Guide Highlighting the Importance Behind our Service and Maintenance Programs

The Importance of Servicing and Maintaining Bollards, Barriers and Road Blockers - Environmental Street Furniture

When it comes to the longevity and operational efficiency of any product, especially one whose sole nature is to protect the public and buildings, ongoing servicing and maintenance should be considered a priority.


To ensure our ESF Secure products continue to operate at the highest standard, our specialist security servicing and maintenance offering, consists of operational and functional tests for all security products.


Our security servicing and maintenance program consists of cleaning the product and replacing any high-use components, as well as a test to ensure the product is operating to the correct requirements. Alongside the standard benefits, our custom programs consider the regularity of use, the environment of installation, and any future development that may affect the installation area.


With this in mind, we have developed a guide highlighting the importance behind our bollard, barriers and road blocker service and maintenance programs. Undergoing product servicing and maintenance checks is important for several reasons:


Ensure optimal performance

Regular servicing and maintenance checks, ensure that our hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) security products are functioning optimally. This is particularly important as any malfunction or failure in security products, when not serviced regularly, can result in the product not working to optimum standards, potentially causing vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.


Potential abrasion issues

Regular maintenance checks can help identify and prevent potential problems early on before serious issues may occur. Without a servicing and maintenance program, the normal wear and tear that occurs throughout a product life cycle may build up and result in system faults and failures that could eventually end in an inability to function.


Extend product life

The correct maintenance and servicing can help extend the life of our products. By keeping equipment in good working order, businesses and individuals can avoid having to replace expensive equipment prematurely, therefore minimising whole-of-life costs.


Maintaining the product through regular servicing and maintenance is much more cost-effective over the product’s life cycle. If not maintained, this could potentially leave unwanted repair bills due to the product being neglected over an extended period of time.


Take advantage of extended guarantees

Many of our ESF perimeter security products are available with extended guarantees, but in order for the warranty to apply, the installed security products require regular servicing and maintenance checks. For further information regarding product warranty, please email us.


Improve safety and security

The primary goal of our ESF perimeter security products is to improve safety and security and provide a high level of protection. Irregular or complete lack of security servicing and maintenance could result in missing small issues that later develop in the product’s life, affecting overall longevity and performance. 


Regular maintenance and servicing checks can help ensure that these products perform at their best, providing the highest-quality protection to pedestrians and premises. If a product is not maintained, the site may become vulnerable.


At ESF, we offer a swift response and full site support for all new and existing installations, in addition to a high level of service with qualified and experienced engineers. We also offer regular planned maintenance and servicing packages throughout Ireland so you can rest assured and don't forget.


We can offer highly trained staff, professional service, safety checks, custom service and maintenance packages and detailed service reports


For more information on the exclusive service and maintenance packages we offer, contact our friendly and knowledgeable maintenance team today


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