City poster cases

Frame and postsA complete product including poster case and posts. Single or double sided lockable poster cases manufactured in 75mm profile aluminium featuring cast aluminium corners and zinc electro plated steel backboard. The doors have 2 tamper proof locks, wear-resistant and warp-proof integrated hinges which create a double watertight seal with the frame. For ease of use they have raising doors on gas struts, which enable the replacement of the door in the event of vandalism without having to remove the poster display case. The glazing is 4mm shock and UV resistant plexichoc. Posts are of ø76 aluminium tube, height above ground 2500mm (if with title board, height above ground 2700mm).
Title board optionManufactured in an identical profile, title board of zinc-electro plated steel attached to posts by two collars. Requires 2700mm posts. Screen-printing of text, logo, available on request.
Version 1: Silver anodised with details painted in RAL colours.
Version 2: Painted in one RAL colour.
Version 3: Painted in two RAL colours.
Installation To be concreted directly into the ground.
Raising door: Height 800(single sided) or 1155(double sided), Width 1155(single sided) or 1600(double sided)
Side-opening: Height 1250(single sided) or 1600(double sided), Width 900(single sided) or 1155(double sided)

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