ESF-SIM-B604 planter

This planter works in harmony with even the most contemporary of outside spaces. Combining wooden uprights with steel panels featuring a laser-cut root motif which is highlighted by contrasting steel sheets.
The planter is mechanically assembled on wooden poles, held together with specially crafted stainless steel fastenings. The frame structure holds the planting tub which is positioned directly in on corner beads fixed onto each foot.
The support poles are made of wood and are 100mm x 100mm wide (80mm x 80mm for the 640mm x 640mm version). Each pole has an adjustable stainless steel foot.
The wood is coated with water based solvent free stain emulsion in our automated process. Steel parts are treated with the Powder Blast system, after cleaning and blasting they are coated with a base layer of epoxy powder and an outer coating polyester powder.
A galvanised steel liner with fixed handles and water reservoir is supplied as standard. Retractable steel handles are also available (dependent on model). Additionally a high-density moulded polyethylene liner with fixed lifting points and water reservoir is also available.

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