Isolators and cutouts – Lighting control equipment

The ESF range of LSI Lockable Safety Isolators and Helix Cut Outs all supported by a choice of extension boxes, gland plates, CETs, cable glands and fuses, providing maximum versatility. Their inherent reliability and build quality ensures performance in the hostile environments of street lighting, hence their extensive use in 25 year PFI contracts. All manufactured under ISO 9001quality control system.
Extension Boxes are available to fit onto isolators and cut outs to provide versatility, ease of termination and quick installation. They have been designed for strength with moulded DIN rails, with the X2 and X3 incorporating strengthened terminal clamps for cable up to 25mm2 (35mm2 circular), providing capability for 3 phase options.
Manufactured from brass, standard DIN rail-mounted live, neutral and earth terminals are fully insulated. Stud terminals are also available.

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