Parking Pal

Protect Your Parking Place


What is Parking Pal?

Parking Pal is a smartphone controlled parking barrier that protects your parking place and enables key sharing among the users. With Parking Pal you can easily control and share your parking place with your family and guests via our free mobile application. All you have to do is fasten the Parking Pal with provided screws to the ground and we guarantee that your parking place will be protected.


Stainless Steel Case

The 2mm thick stainless-steel housing allows the barrier to withstand up to 6 tons of pressure while weighing only 14kg. The vandal-proof design will protect your barrier from tampering and damage.


Weather Resistant

The barrier and all its components are designed and made to endure different weather conditions such as rain, snow and temperatures varying from -20*C to 60*C.

Dual Charging

Parklio barrier comes with rechargeable li-ion batteries which can last up to 6 months on one charge and there is also an option for constant supply with 90V-250V AC.




The barrier sensors will detect vehicle departures and will auto-close, resulting with a worry-free experience.


Solar panels

The barrier is equipped with a modern solar panel for sustainable autonomy.



Smart Parking Barrier

Secure your parking place and control it with your smartphone via the Parklio mobile application that connects to the barrier by Bluetooth.


Key sharing

Enable other people to use your Parklio barrier by sending them a temporary digital key via the Parklio mobile application.


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