PAS68 Shield Bollards

Product Summary

Environmental Street Furniture have a full and wide range of PAS68 tested static bollards including the world’s first surface mount bollard, ultra-shallow foundation bollard, a shallow foundation single unit bollard and mid depth foundation bollards.

PAS68 Brochure

We also offer a range of different diameters with many of our bollards having removable options. This includes:


A zero-penetration super slim shallow foundation bollard with a 159mm diameter tested with the N1 3.5-ton vehicle at 48kph.


The world’s only surface mounted bolt down bollard tested with the N2 7.5-ton vehicle at 48kph. This can be bolted to existing concrete bases and suspended slabs.


This shallow foundation bollard has been nicknamed “bollard in a box” as this is the only bollard on the market that is supplied complete with integral re-bar. It was also the first shallow static bollard to be tested as a single unit with single foundation. This bollard was tested with the N2 7.5-ton vehicle at 48kph.


With options for both a 193mm and 219mm bollard, these have been tested with the N2, 7.5ton vehicle at 48kph.


This is our super shallow foundation bollard requiring just 125mm depth. A 219mm or 273mm bollard can be used with this product. It has been tested with the N2 7.5ton vehicle at 64kph.


With options for both a 219mm and 273mm bollard, these have been tested with the N2, 7.5ton vehicle at 64kph.


This bollard has a diameter of 273mm and has been tested with both the N2 and N3, 7.5ton vehicle at 80kph.

General features of our static bollards:

  • Finish options include galvanised, painted, stainless steel or PU.
  • We can design and supply a bespoke sleeve unique for your site.
  • All bollards have a minimum height above ground of 1000mm and they fully comply with DDA guidelines.
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