Picnic tables with wheelchair access

Accessibility is high on the agenda of many planners, specifiers, local authorities, schools, countryside workers and users; since the Disability Discrimination Act made changes in 2004. ESF Sustainable Collection products can listen to your needs and supply the many types of ramps as standard product or bespoke. Any ramp area is supplied with a fully notched area to aid non-slip and will be DDA* compliant.
Handrails are incorporated into any ramp, where necessary, to one or both sides depending on the overall length of the structure. Using ESF Sustainable Collection, the 100% recycled plastic alternative to timber, concrete and metal is the ideal choice for any access ramp and tables.
With this recycled plastic picnic table a wheelchair user isn’t just perched on the end of the table, but can position themselves directly within the table in a similar location to the users of the other conventional seats around the table.
* wheelchair access area 680mm wide

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