Play Picnic tables

Always a popular choice with the kids! There are various play tops to choose from such as 4-in-a-row, snakes and ladders, play town, football pitch, mazes, chess and draughts. A combination of play tops are also available. Colour options are available for the tables in black or black with coloured seats. As with a majority of our furniture range, extended legs are also available. The activity tables come with a variety of gameboards and include the associated play pieces.

Also available are:

Extended legs available on most styles, Ground anchors for hard or soft surfaces
Memorial plaques, Corporate logo service offered
Customised items upon request, Parasol holes

Gameboard tops available:

4 in a Row / Ludo, Double Snakes & Ladders, Chess & Draughts, Football Pitch, Mazes, Snakes & Ladders / Maze, Snakes & Ladders / Chess
Picnic tables with wheelchair access

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