Polyurethane finger posts

Polyurethane signage systems are extremely versatile which makes them ideal for communication of information in public areas. A range of signposts and notice boards are available, many of which have mix and match elements which means the final aesthetic of the product is unique to the client. Simple product selectors guide you through the process of selecting each component that you require for your signage system.
A range of styles is available, from simple to more traditional. Finger posts are available in a range of RAL colours, and components can be coated in contrasting colours to enhance lettering, symbols and detailing.
Finger posts are available in five standard designs with a choice of three finials and an extensive list of configurations for fingers. Symbols can be added to fingers according to client specifications.
We offer a full bespoke service whereby we can create new designs according to client requirements. Furthermore, we also offer a re-creation service whereby existing degraded iron signage systems can be replaced with exact polyurethane replicas.

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