Sinus tree protection

A unique and entirely new concept of combined tree grid and seating elements is multifunctional in the truest sense of the word. Seats, bicycle stands, and guardrails use surface grating without impeding the intended functions, giving the tree ample protection while people have more public space. The fresh and elegant shape was further developed in the successive Sinus benches line. The dot perforation allows you to use Citépin technology for the seats, providing superior seating comfort. Construction made of heavy galvanized steel sheets with powder paint finish or left natural to make visible the zinc. The Citépin seat thermally insulates the steel surface thus enhancing comfort.
ESF-SNS-210 • ESF-SNS-215
Multi-function tree guard. Steel structure, seats made of perforated steel sheet, possibly Citépins for added thermal insulation.
ESF-SNS-510 • ESF-SNS-520 • ESF-SNS-530
Accessories range – guard rails. Steel construction with options to suit outer or inner diameter of tree guard or bicycle stands.

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