Smartflower POP-e

Environmental Street Furniture Ltd (ESF) is the newly represented distributor for Smartflower throughout Northern and Southern Ireland. The Smartflower POP, POP+ and POP-e, along with its sophisticated technology, are now available in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland through a new distribution agreement with Smartflower and ESF.

The Smartflower POP-e is the world’s first all-in-one solar system combined with a unique solar system and charging station for electric vehicles. Generate clean solar power and promote emission-free mobility at the same time.

Smartflower POP-e

To generate clean solar power and promote emission-free mobility at the same time – that is the idea behind Smartflower POP-e. It combines the unique all-in-one solar system with a high-performance charging station for electric vehicles. With its 18 m² fan of solar modules, Smartflower POP-e generates an average of approx. 4,000 kWh/a* of power – up to 40% more than a roof-mounted system of a comparable size. The electricity is either used directly or fed into the public grid, where it supports the integrated charging station, which can be used to charge both e-bikes and electric cars with a power supply of up to 22 kW.

Its unusual design makes POP-e a real eye-catcher, which acts as a green “business card” for forward-looking municipalities and companies. In public places, conventional filling stations, shopping centres or company premises – Smartflower POP-e is an innovative service concept for residents, customers and employees and sends a highly visible and credible signal that sustainability is being put into practice here.


Your signal for more sustainability and an innovative service for your customers
Its comparatively compact footprint means the POP-e can be integrated easily into an existing parking space. Installation is by means of a concrete foundation or ground bolts, depending on conditions.

Sophisticated technology and perfect design.

Get to know Smartflower POP-e from all sides

  • Clear design inspired by nature
  • Compact system flexible to install and easy to operate
  • Base available in eight colours

Up to 40% more output – Smartflower POP-e works more efficiently than a rooftop system

  • Smartflower POP-e is optimally directed to the sun at every time of the day or year thanks to a 2-axis astronomical control system
  • Due to its longer peak phase Smartflower POP-e also generates power in the fringe hours in the morning and evening

Smart features – the exciting details at a glance

  • Easy to install and connect to generate clean energy – that’s the principle of Smartflower POP-e
  • Smartflower POP-e is a complete system with perfectly synchronised components
  • Smart features operate autonomously and automatically

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