Steel finger posts

Signage systems are an important part of many urban landscapes. They allow for effective communication of information to pedestrians. ESF finger posts are available in polyester powder coated steel and 316L grade satin polished stainless steel. Styles are available to coordinate with other ESF ranges; within each style there are a number of design options available.
In order to create your finger post, please first select a post, then a finial, style of finger and finally the font and the justification that you will require for your text.
The more traditional style of this range incorporates cast aluminium fingers and embellishments.
All steel and stainless steel signage systems can be personalised with crests, logos and motifs to client requirements. Should a bespoke system be required, our team of designers can receive a design brief to create signage systems to fit in with a specific project or theme.
ESF signage systems are highly functional and come with a range of options to allow communication of directional information clearly within your landscape.
Fingers can accommodate one or two lines of text and have a rounded end and cut out arrow.
Manufactured from hot dip galvanised steel which can then be coated in a colour of your choice. A ball finial is supplied which can be coated in a second colour to increase aesthetic appeal. Fingers can accommodate one or two lines of text and have rounded edges. Pointing fingers are also available.
Also available in grade 316 satin polished stainless steel.Optional extras
Each finger post is supplied as standard with two single fingers.
Spacers are available for each finger post to leave room for future fingers.
Options: Each finger post has a number of options ranging from alternative fingers to varying fonts.
Should future changes be required, the fingers can be removed and updated, at a lower cost than purchasing new fingers.
All finger posts are supplied with sub-surface fixing as standard.

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