Steel Seating

Material: Manufactured from 316L grade steel. The system is less prone to pitting and staining than those in lower grades and is more durable and low maintenance.
Seating Slats: Standard gauge of steel in seating slat is 30mm wide x 5mm thick. This provides optimal strength so they will not bend, making the slats less prone to damage through vandalism. Each slat is wrapped around the top and lower supporting tubes and welded at three points of contact. This ensures rigidity and strength in the structure making the seat less prone to vandals trying to prise away slats.
Legs and frame: Manufactured from a heavy gauge steel tube 60.3mm diameter and 3mm wall thickness. Legs are continuous pieces, fully welded to the frame. This makes it extremely strong and ensures that it is difficult for it to be removed from the legs and therefore less likely to be stolen.
Weight: A straight seat weighs 70kg and bench 52kg.
End Discs: Engraved discs are welded to the end of the frame tubes. This prevents ingress of dirt and water and protects the seat in the long term.
Options: Arm rests can be provided at any position. Freestanding legs, surface trim plates, and demountable ground socket are also available.
Also available manufactured from stainless steel.
Strong yet comfortable, ESF steel seating is manufactured in mild steel, hot dip galvanised and coated in up to two colours of your choice. Slats are steel or Iroko hardwood, the latter from renewable resources.
Coordinating litter bins are available.

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