Tree grille with inset paving

Treepave frames with inset paving allow paving to be laid close up to the base of a tree. They are suitable for pedestrianised locations which are busy or congested, allowing paving to be installed close to tree trunks and extending the area of the footways that can be trafficked. Treepave frames with inset paving facilitate Inclusive Access as they provide a smooth surface without impediments or trip hazards for wheelchair users and the visually impaired. Irrigation channels have been designed to be an appropriate width so that they are easily traversed and will not trap wheels or walking canes.
Treepave frames with inset paving can be supplied in standard designs or bespoke specifications created to order. Custom made tree frames can be fabricated in shapes to complement or coordinate with paving layouts. The inset layout can be adapted to contain most paving specifications including concrete, block and natural stone. Paving is water cut to size giving a crisp finish to edges, and ESF water cutting capabilities allow paving to be cut with either curved or straight edges.
Treepave is supplied in kit form – the unit comprises a robust steel frame which is divided by irrigation channels and a pack of water-cut paving to bond into it.

Long life span is assured as the frame is made from galvanised sheet steel to prevent rust and corrosion from water and other chemicals.
Integral irrigation channels allow watering of the root ball and enable adequate aeration of the soil.
Clean installation finish: each piece of paving is encapsulated so there is no paving to paving contact, reducing the risk of spalling. Paving is water cut to provide an engineered fit into the frame.
Supplied in kit form with pre-cut paving: easy to install, kit is supplied with illustrated step by step instructions and supported by online video demonstration.
Easy installation: the frame comprises two halves bolted together; simply push together around an existing tree trunk.
Standard sizes are 1200mm2 and 1800mm2

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