Touch-free, eco-friendly and portable hand washing

HydroPod - Environmental Street Furniture

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Main Features

- Programmable sensor tap so run time can be adjusted

- Flow rate can be adjusted to suit a more eco friendly or user luxury station

- Water tanks on dollies for easy transport

- Water tanks are easily distinguished by colour when filling and emptying

- Self-priming diaphragm pump requires no setup, simply place the hose into the water tank and turn the power onWater filter provides clean water that is easily maintained with a screwable top.

- Polycarbonate screen, vandal resistant

- Designed ceiling ensures water runoff is not over the entrance and exit of the pod

- Moulded glass reinforced plastic, with anti bacterial gel coat to keep hygiene at the fore front

- Bulk refill soap dispenser large hand towel dispenser minimises station up keep.

- Bin located under the towel dispenser reduces mess and keeps the station vandal proof.

- Our sink and dispenser heights comply with wheelchair regulations

- Angled sink allows the station to be easily cleaned but also reducess plash

- Centralised sink for easy access to the soap and paper towels

- Commando socket ensures safety when plugging and unplugging the station from mains

- Back up battery with charger will keep the station running even if the mains electricity trips

- Lighting with PIR sensor keeps the pod eco-friendly whilst lighting up the insides in low lighting conditions

- Secure but easy access of electrics for maintenance ensures replacement of parts is quick


220cm (H) x 15cm (W) x 15cm (D)

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