Entirely new product category, chaise lounge for public realm.


Entirely new product category, chaise lounge for public realm. Simple solid steel frame of strong and elegant profile supporting lamellas made of solid wood. It is a great supplement to seating elements for places where people relax in public spaces. Parks, public gardens, embankments, relaxation areas of public campuses, terraces of hotels. All these places can be now enriched with this new element, either firmly anchored to the ground or mobile, without being anchored. Both practical and attractive accessory is a durable steel table intended to place a drink, laptop or book. The contrast color of the table also brings a playful element into this product. The table can be equipped with a USB charger that further extends the broad possibilities of the rivage chaise.

Steel structure treated with zinc coating and powder coating. Seat and backrest with lamellas made of solid wood firmly connected to the steel structure. The chaise lounge can be anchored in an elegant way, using threaded rods or adjustable legs can be used as well and just laid onto the ground.

This product has been designed and manufactured by ESF's long standing partners mmcité.