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Signature Classics Collection - Bench

ESF in partnership with Djao-Rakitine landscape architecture have developed our own range of high quality street furniture.


ESF Signature Classics collection is an international collection of outdoor public furniture elements that gives new meaning to the term “global design.” Created and developed in partnership with celebrated design innovators Irene Djao-Rakitine and her Paris & London based design teams from Djao-Rakitine landscape architecture


The flexible, dynamic system addresses multiple scales, applications and creative expressions and includes multiple elements


The visual language is elegant and light. Elements have a fluid simplicity with straight structural lines that give them a strong and imposing visual appearance. While contemporary in line and spirit, the collection echoes familiar forms, making it both welcoming and very modern.


Wood is flexible and robust. It is warm and pleasant to touch. The wood used for the Signature Classics is Iroko hardwood, due to its density, robustness, durability and colour. Iroko varies from pale yellow to golden or medium brown and the colour tends to darken over time. The wood has a medium to coarse texture and interlocked grain. We use FSC certified timber in all of the Signature Classics collection

Metal ensures solidity, slimness and durability. The use of a thin steel structure for the seat ends provides the slimness of the design. Stability and rigidity of the bench are achieved by running a hidden metal structure throughout the length of the solid wood pieces. With no visible metal welds or screws, the minimalist look of the bench is maintained 

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