Holes like in Emmental cheese, conical basic shape. It looks like a creative freak, but fully functional. The large-volume bin with small drop slots, allowing it to be used for small-size litter only, boasts outstanding stability thanks to a weight fixed in the bottom. A convex lockable lid emphasises the overall closed and compact shape which makes it suitable to be installed in large squares, busy streets and traffic junctions as well as in quiet parks. The effect can be supported by a distinctly colourful body.

The structure is of galvanized steel coated with powder baked enamel, the lid is furnished with a lock. The alternative without anchorage is furnished with an added weight to increase stability; the alternative with anchorage into a base has holes for bolts only. The internal bin is made of galvanized sheetmetal.

This product has been designed and manufactured by ESF's long standing partners mmcité.