Ballyholme Primary School, Bangor

What is the Buddy Bench?

A place to meet and play with new or old friends

The Buddy Bench idea was started by an 8 year old boy, named Christian, who lives in Pennsylvania, America. He had a great idea to have a bench on the playground designated for children who aren’t sure who to play with, who to talk to, or who just want to assess a situation before joining in a group. He called it the “Buddy Bench”, a place to meet and play with new friends or old friends.

Who’s it for?

It’s here for all our students. Sometimes, especially on the playground, children forget how to be kind. Sometimes they leave people out, say mean things, or don’t share. The Buddy Bench is here to remind all students to be kind and to reach out to one another.


The buddy bench is a tool to help kids engage, feel included and thrive in school.

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