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Parking Pal

Parking Pal is a smartphone controlled parking barrier that protects your parking place and enables key sharing among the users. With Parking Pal you can easily control and share your parking place with your family and guests via our free mobile application. All you have to do is fasten the Parking Pal with provided screws to the ground and we guarantee that your parking place will be protected.

Street Charge

Street Charge is an exciting solar powered, outdoor, mobile phone charging station that enables businesses to provide a phone charging solution to patrons using solar energy, allowing visitors to stay out for longer.

Smart Flower

The Smart Flower uses sophisticated technology and beautiful construction to convert and utilise solar energy to run a house or office. Check out the video below...

SolarEye 80 Smart Light

If you have an area that requires night time delineation but is difficult to maintain, off the national grid or you are simply looking for a quick and cost effective installation with minimal disruption – then look no further.

A very economic option to hard wiring – this product is ideal for those wanting optimum performance, minimal maintenance and great value for money.