When in Rome…

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

A famous saying purporting the idea that when you are in an unfamiliar situation, you should follow the lead of those who know the ropes.

Something the vast majority of us have done on many occasions but my most recent experience of this was… when I was in Rome!

Celebrating The Queen

This wasn’t like my previous working trips to Rome however, ESF had been invited to attend Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Party at the stunning Villa Wolkonsky – the residence of the British Ambassador to Rome, Jill Morris.

We had been approached by the Department for International Trade (DIT), in partnership with Invest NI, to present our new Stellar Solar Smart Bench at the event and whilst we have exhibited at many industry events before and enjoyed doing so, there was something extra exciting about showcasing the first product designed and manufactured by ESF at this esteemed event.


Representing Northern Ireland

For any business, having the opportunity to attend such an event is a fabulous privilege but for the team at ESF, we were honoured to have been asked to attend as the only company from Northern Ireland.  People from many backgrounds attended the party – from politicians and government officials to Ambassadors and local celebrities. We did of course offer the facilities of the Stellar Solar Smart Bench to those who were in attendance with many making use of the mobile phone charging facility!

In fact, the bench was so well received, the Embassy decided to keep the display opened until 15thJuly so many more people can see it! The event also offered us an opportunity to meet with the architect from Studio Bianchi Architettura who had contacted us to design a custom version of the Stellar Solar Smart Bench for the Engineering Facility Campus at the University of Roma La Sapienza.

Whilst rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s elite is an unfamiliar situation for ESF, it is one that our team handles with the respect and passion that we show to all our customers – regardless of whether it is the world’s largest theme park or a small, personal customer.


Buckingham Palace Next???

You never know though; our next customer could be Her Majesty the Queen. We certainly could see the Stellar Solar Smart Bench sitting pride of place in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. Here’s hoping!

Check out some of our photos from the Queen’s Birthday Party below

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