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ESF Lunar Static Bollard - IWA 14

The Lunar Bollard is an IWA 14 specified static bollard that has been proven in stopping up to 7.2t at up to 30mph

ESF Lunar Static Bollard - IWA 14 - Environmental Street Furniture


Our shallowest bollard yet requiring foundations of just 75mm which resulted in zero penetration when tested to IWA 14 stopping 7.2t at 30mph.

Bridges around the World are vital to our transportation network but have already been subjected to vehicle attacks by terrorists and users (cyclists and pedestrians) have become extremely vulnerable.

The Terra Lunar Bridge Bollard system was impact tested to IWA 14 at Horiba MIRA. The system successfully stopped a 7.2t vehicle travelling at 30mph at a shallow attack angle of 30-degrees, resulting in minimal penetration. At time of print, this is the best result in the world from a bridge protection bollard system. This means the bollard system successfully protected the pathway and cycleway as there was no encroachment by the vehicle.

The Terra Lunar Bollard system was not damaged after the impact test and remained fully upright.

The challenge of designing and installing a bollard system to protect a bridge has its own set of unique problems as the not only are the foundations extremely limiting, but the structural integrity of the bridge deck cannot be compromised. A unique articulated connection between the bollards using flexible linkages allows for bridge movement and expansion.

The Terra Lunar Bridge Bollard system is designed to fit lengths of pathways and pavements. Although designed to protect bridges, this ultra-shallow bollard solution can also be used for other inner-city areas, pathways, linear walkways and cycle lanes where there is limited foundation depth.

IWA 14-1 Static & Rising Bollards are required to be installed at 1200mm between upright bollard faces to meet IWA 14-2 guidelines.

Polyester Powder Coated as standard

For Sleeve options please see Accessories tab or the Bollard Sleeve page

  • 7.2t @ 30mph
  • Classification Codes: V/7200[N2A]/48/30:0.2
  • IWA14 Tested Height above concrete plinth: 960mm
  • Ultra Shallow Foundations of only 75mm, topping 30mm
  • Benefits & FeaturesMinimal penetration
  • Anti-Terrorist Protection for Bridges or other Ultra Shallow installations
  • Bollards remained upright and intact after the crash test
  • Modular design for quick and easy installation
  • Designed for ease of maintenance
  • Crash tested with Decorative Top Sleeve
  • A unique articulated connection between the bollards using flexible linkages allows for bridge movement and expansion


IWA 14 Classification Code

V Static /7200[N2A]/48/30:0.2

Height above concrete plinth





S355 structural steel plate is a high-strength low-alloy European standard structural steel

Foundation Depth

Ultra Shallow - 75mm, topping 30mm


Shotblasted, hot zinc sprayed (galvanised), primed and finished with a final coat of polyurethane paint.

Optional finish

316 Stainless Steel Satin finish or bead blasted sleeves with dome or mitre tops. Other decorative sleeves available on request


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